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Holy Lands RPG; The Christian Role-Playing Game

Let's Hunt Some Devils! Holy Lands RPGHoly Lands RPG may very well be unlike any other game you have ever played before. Holy Lands is THE Christian RPG (role-playing game)! It’s the medieval pen-and-paper adventure game that puts your character against the demons, devils, and sorcerers who want to destroy the medieval church. You must use your character’s prowess, wits, and faith to fight the evil enemies of God and the enemies of the medieval kingdoms. Are you up for the challenge? Find out in this smart and fast-paced game of faith and adventure!


We have pioneered an RPG that allows you to learn and create and even grow the rules as you go! Holy Lands RPG is a well-balanced game that is ever expanding and ever growing by your input and participation. Although HL has a standard set of gaming rules, the HL community has and will forever enhance and build upon them. This game goes beyond "house rules". This is YOUR game.


New to RPG's?

Holy Lands is an RPG, which stands for role-playing game.  It's called a role-playing game because you play the role of a character as if it were yourself.  With the Holy Lands system you will develop, play and grow your new character, which is known as a PC, or Player Character. 


It takes more imagination than skills to play Holy Lands. As a character; you will need to declare what decisions to make in various situations, and as you make these decisions, the story unfolds.  You base your character's decisions on your perspective of the story, physical surroundings within the story, and consequences of your character's actions if played out in the story. Because this game is limited only by your imagination, you create your own intensity and excitement!

"Hey guys, as a former D&D player I can tell you this is the best alternative to D&D available. I quit D&D 15 years ago but I continued to role-play. I would play games that had no occult element in them and avoided any new age theology and so forth. But this meant that I could not play many fantasy-style games because magic and the occult are so much integrated into most systems. ...So when I discovered Holy Lands last year, it was a sigh of relief. Here is a Fantasy game that you can play without fear of being led down a dark road or of the other players wanting to play evil assassins or sorcerers and worshipping pagan gods. The imagery is clean, crisp and detailed. As an artist myself that is important. And as they say themselves on the official website, you can play the game as a ministry or just for entertainment. ...The rules are quick and simple. The character generation well done. ...On the whole, I would put this game up against any of the established or popular games out there and play it before any of them."
- Brandt C.


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