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Holy Lands RPG; The Christian Role-Playing Game

Let's Hunt Some Devils! Holy Lands RPGHL3 - Holy Lands RPG 3rd Edition  may very well be unlike any other game you have ever played before.  If you are new to RPG games you might be wondering "how does this game work?". We will go over the basics now and just to let you know up front -you do not need to undergo the arduous task of memorizing rules, tables and charts to play this game.

We have pioneered an RPG that allows you to learn and create and even grow the rules as you go! Holy Lands RPG is a well-balanced game that is ever expanding and ever growing by your input and participation. Although HL has a standard set of gaming rules, the HL community has and will forever enhance and build upon them. This game goes beyond "house rules". This is YOUR game.

New to RPG's?

Holy Lands is an RPG, which stands for role-playing game.  It's called a role-playing game because you play the role of a character as if it were yourself.  With the Holy Lands system you will develop, play and grow your new character, which is known as a PC, or Player Character. 

It takes more imagination than skills to play Holy Lands. As character; you will need to declare what decisions to make in various situations, as you make these decisions the story unfolds.  You base your character's decisions on your perspective of the story, physical surroundings within the story, and consequences of your character's actions if played out in the story. Because this game is limited only by your imagination, you create your own intensity and excitement!


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HLRPG names to know...


Player Character (Adventurer, Fighter, Saint, Knight, etc...)
Note: Beginning Beta has only unlocked two characters.


Raconteur or story teller. This is the leader of the story (adventure) itself. The Rac is usually not a PC themselves. The Rac is in charge of knowing the story as a whole, unlike the PC's that will learn as they go.


Narrated Personality Character. Sometimes known as a non-player character. These characters are individuals that become a part of your adventure but are not part of your collective groups characters. So let's say a King sends you on a quest and hands you a scroll at the beginning of your Rac's adventure, that King would be a NPC.

Holy Lands RPG Demi-Race Monsters

How to Play...

  1. Buy a Rule Book.
    Go to our ONLINE STOREand buy the Holy Lands RPG rulebook, and download a Holy Lands Character Sheet while you're there. Or...

  2. Create a Character.
    You can do this online through the Character Generator. Once you select the one you like, print your character to learn who you will be playing. Sit down with your group and have roll up some adventure!

  3. Begin and play a campaign.
    As a Player, you base your character's decisions on the group's objectives, following the Rac's story.
    As the Rac of your game, you will use a maze of possibilities to present the depth and dimensions to your players. Lairs come alive with twists and turns full of danger, critical decisions, and moral choices for your PC's. The lair builder has everything built right in; including, monsters, booty, rooms and hallways. Create and play as you go!